Our consultancy service in Tenerife extends over the entire territory of the island of Tenerife through the temporary insertion of the highly professional contract manager and sense of result.

In Tenerife wages are on average low, and with a full time job you can usually earn between 900 and 1,100 euros net per month. Given the low cost of living, however, with such a salary, you can still reach the end of the month if you are willing to change your lifestyle in austerity, but you can also achieve different objectives by improving your quality of life by contacting Multi Agency.

The Spanish language remains a foreign language similar to ours. Even if, to tell the truth, you are always in a reality where many people speak Italian and English. The country has developed with all sanitation and hospitals are working very well, in addition to having all the comforts.
Make the decision to try to move to live in Tenerife by relying on Multi Agency, you will have a guarantee of support.


Del problema a la solución para su negocio en Tenerife

Our consultancies are ideal for

  • General information for companies and companies and NIEs
  • Commercial businesses
  • Activities for tourism
  • Practices for pension transfers
  • Advertising ideas
  • Services for public administrations
  • Services for entertainment venue
  • Staff training
  • Resale of exclusive products
  • General information for families
  • Services for the elderly
  • General information for property purchase

The Multi Agency activity in Tenerife is intended as paid Professional Consulting for entrepreneurs, individuals and companies who want to enter the Tenerife market in multiple sectors.
All our projects and ideas are scrupulously explained by highly qualified personnel ready to study for you the best solution to your needs. and covered by the right of confidentiality.
Multi Agency will go to the place where the business is located or to our office, where it will be given advice to analyze the aspect of the situation.
The service is chargeable (starting at least one hour of interview). Travel expenses must always be added to off-site consultancy rates.
At the time of the request, Multi Agency will not bind the customer to anything, but will provide, on a one-off payment, advice on behalf of the customer. Subsequently, the customer can decide at his discretion whether to continue the journey with Multi Agency without any commitment or constraint.

Consulenze a Tenerife

For both entrepreneurs and large and small companies and individuals who want to move or do business in Tenerife, our professional advice can go even further. It aims to illustrate all the problems inherent in the change of management or the opening of your new business by successfully recommending the change processes.
Thanks to the experience gained in the sector and in many specific job categories, after carefully analyzing your aspirations, we can help you complete the missing elements and give your structure the best and organized start-up possible based on your needs and your budget investment you want to make available.

Come fare un piano di business per un'attività a Tenerife

We give you our professionalism and experience on the territory of Tenerife to organize events or improve public or private entertainment facilities to attract greater flow of tourists or local people throughout the territory of Tenerife. The goal is to create a flow of people who can create activities for your business, with innovative ideas and commercial strategies.
The comparison and consultancy, which of course plays a role of Multi Agency is fundamental and must be done before any action.
Our professionalism and twenty years of knowledge throughout the territory of Tenerife will be useful for you not to start off on the wrong foot, but above all not to do something compromising or slowing down your business.

Consulenze per locali di intrattenimento a Tenerife

If, on the other hand, you want to start a new management, but you do not yet have a precise idea of ​​the alternative solutions for the launch of your product or business, we can design an innovative idea for you or be useful in identifying the most ideal location.
Our experience as curators of large venues and companies helps you decide with us your structure as well as themed innovation planning, taking into consideration variables such as your taste, your culture, your spaces, the characteristics of the area and the type of image you want to transmit.
Considering the twenty-year knowledge of the whole territory of Tenerife, we offer you professionalism for the start-up of your structure. A simple glance at the site will make you understand the seriousness of our work.
We specialize in business design, conception and implementation, as well as offering marketing advice and strategies. Our advice can show you a wide range of projects and ideas that meet your needs.

We are here to help you get your business off the ground

With determination and creative ideas